Stretch marks is the stretching of the skin that produces marks. It is literally from the word itself. It is produced when the cortisone in the body increases which results to lesser elasticity of the skin. Cortisone is a hormone in our body that is naturally produced by the adrenal glands but having too much of it is not good for the skin.

Usually stretch marks appear in bands of parallel lines on the skin. Stretch marks Treatment are now being done to address this concern as there are more and more people who does not want it from their bodies as it may seem a little off at times. Stretch marks may hinder a person to wear bikinis or shorts or hanging blouses as it will be visible in the public eye. It may cause a lower self-esteem for some people especially mothers who have this after giving birth.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks
How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are not actually limited to women who gave birth. It can also be evident to male especially when they are fat before then becomes slimmer afterwards. We can see this also in older people as they might have lose weight as they get older and the elasticity of their skin is also less. The stretch marks may have a different shading and texture than the normal skin. It might also have slight ridge when touched or there are spaces in between. The size are also different for every person.

Luckily, we have different stretch marks treatment that is now available in the market. There are different creams and procedure that are proven effective. Though, it may not completely remove the scar but improve the visibility of the skin.

Tretinoin Cream – This cream are what we refer to as Retin-A or Renova. It works by restoring the collagen that gives elasticity to the skin. The collagen is a fibrous protein that is naturally produced by the body. Though it has been proven to work through the years and was a staple cream for anti-aging, some people may have skin irritation when using this cream. It is also not recommended to use by pregnant women.

Laser Therapy – Laser is also one of the powerful procedure that is almost used in every medical process. Pulse dye laser therapy is being used for stretch marks treatment. Though dark-skinned people may experience skin discoloration.

Fractional photothermolysis – This treatment is also using laser in the procedure. The difference is laser therapy is that it is only targeting smaller areas of the skin instead of the whole skin. Through this method, there will be less damage and may heal faster.

Excrimer Laser – This is also using laser for the stretch marks treatment procedure. This type of procedure stimulates the melanin production and it works because it will match the surrounding skin color of the stretchmark area.

Though there are different treatments that are available to remove stretch marks, we still need to be cautious in choosing the right kind of treatment that we need. It is not guaranteed as well that it will completely remove the stretch marks visibility. Also, these treatments might be expensive depending on what kind of treatment will be done. It is also advisable to have it done with a certified and legit practitioner. Undergoing medical assessment is also necessary because there might be reactions or side effects that may happen if you are not compatible with the substance that will be used or there could be a possibility of allergic reactions.

If you are more on the natural and organic person, there are also different home remedies that is said to help minimize the visibility of stretch marks. Though, not all may have the same result or works for every person.

Here are some home remedies that you might consider for stretch marks treatment:

Aloe Vera РThis plant is used in a lot of things nowadays. It is a home remedy that is used to treat dandruff and even as a softener. Production of collagen is also one of the things that Aloe Vera can do when applied topically or consuming it like drinking it as juice or vitamins. Since it helps in producing collagen on the skin, it might be worth a try to apply it on stretch marks. Though, there are little evidence that it really helps in minimizing the visibility of stretch marks, there’s no harm in giving a shot.

Sugar – Applying sugar to stretch marks is said to be similar to microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a procedure to remove dead skin cells by sanding it out from the skin. Sugar when rubbed to the skin may also helps in removing dead skin cells. The process is to mix it with oil like coconut oil and lemon before applying and rubbing it to the area where there is stretch marks.

Coconut Oil – Oils have become a staple in terms of beautification. Not just because it can work as a moisturizer, but oils have come a long way to prove that it has natural healing properties. If you are not allergic to coconut, applying it on the stretch marks might help in reducing the redness of it.